Monday, April 20, 2009

1st day back....

I'm at Winfield MIddle School today.  I like it here.  :)
Although the portable buildings are yucky.  It always seems like I'm out in the portables on the rainy days, too!
Im really excited today because I checked my library account and I have 2 books waiting for me to pick them up.  One of them is NEW MOON!  YAY!
Today I have been reading a book called Little Audrey.  Its a short little book. I'll probably be finished with it today.  It is about a young girl named Audrey who lives in a coal mining camp in the hills of Virginia in the 1950's with her alcoholic father and severely depressed mother.  Its a pretty good (but sad, of course) story so far.  It has some humorous parts.
I just have to mention that 7th grade boys are probaby the most annoying creatures on the planet!!
I'm glad the day is almost over..... as soon as schools out, I'm off to the library...
Then I'm going to work out as soon as I get home.... so I can have lots of time to READ :)  
Jesse and I are supposed to watch a movie tonight...we'll see. 

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