Friday, April 3, 2009

I got the job!

So.. all that blogging time I missed last week because of working on my interview portfolio really paid off.

My interview was today, after school, at 3:30. I went... actually got there a little early, and sat and waited awhile. Mr. Pahl was nowhere to be found. I think he forgot about it and bolted out the door. (hey, it is Friday!)

So, my interview was with Mrs. Welch, the Asst. Principal, and Mr. Hughes, the Principal. I knew the final decision would be made by Mr. Hughes anyway.

So, the interview went very well. I walked out of the room, very pleased. It was the complete opposite of my last interview. Mr. Hughes said, "I have to go to a conference this sunday, monday, and tuesday. So, we won't be making out decision until Wednesday. Then I'll call you and let you know."

I got home.... talked to Jesse a bit and then he left to go workout with Ty. Then I called Mom to tell her that the interview went really well.

Right after I hung up the phone with her... I was about to start working out...and my phone rang. It was a Winfield phone number. I thought, "hmmm? No, it couldn't be"

I answered, and he says, "Erin, this is Bill Hughes. You need to buy some green stuff, cause Friday is Green day here at Winfield"


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