Thursday, April 30, 2009

still subbing...

Today I'm at Hurricane High School. I typically don't like coming here. Its a big school and they never get enough subs, so they "farm" you out during prep period to go cover for another teacher. I'm on prep now though and I guess they are going to leave me alone. I'm kinda shocked.

This morning I'm subbing for a Math teacher...and I think its a Language Arts teacher this afternoon. My first block class I subbed for was an AP Statistics class. They were extremely well behaved. I mean, the room was silent up until about 2 minutes before the bell rang.

This morning, before class, another teacher came in the room. She was slightly plump (I'm being nice here) and was gnawing on, what else, but a slice of bacon. I'm not kidding. It was kinda strange. She asked me if I was working tomorrow..and I hadn't got a job yet, so I said no. She teaches Chemistry and said it would be an easy day and that she had good kids. So, of course, I told her that I would be glad to sub for her.

Later, at lunch, I went over to her room to ask her something and she was eating Lay's Potato Chips and some sort of biscuit from Tutor's.

So, tomorrow... I'll be back here. Being a Friday I probably will get "farmed" out. However, she said she only teaches 2 classes tomorrow, so I may get lucky!! Apparently, she teaches an AP class in the morning beginning at 7:15. She said that they won't be here tomorrow so I wouldn't have to come early. Then, she just has 2 blocks. Her day is over at 2 something. We'll see how that turns out!

Well...... now, about American Idol last night. I'm pretty amazed because I haven't been able to call the winners THIS well before. I'm always pretty good at it...but this year I've been great! A Looooooong time ago on Facebook, I picked my top 5. I selected Danny, Adam, Allison, Matt, and Kris and whattaya know? They WERE the top 5! If I would have picked a top would have been Matt that I left off.

I don't know about the Top 3. My guess is that it will really depend on how well they sing next week. I'm guessing that it will be either Kris or Allison, although, I love both of them....but it all depends on how well they perform.

Tonight... I am going to the Funny Bone with Whitney, Kelli and Jessica. I'm excited! I've never been before, but Kelli won free tickets and asked us to, I'm excited to hang out with them. I haven't seen Whitney or Kelli in forever!! :)

I'm not sure about the guy that will be performing. I think his name is T.B. or T.D. or something like that. Hopefully its not TOO nasty. haha. Oh, ok...I just looked it up and his name is B.T. (I was close, hahaha!)

I'll be sure and write about it later.

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