Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've turned into a reading machine!!

ok... Monday I was at Winfield Middle. On Monday afternoon, on my way home from school, I stopped at the library and picked up New Moon. I still managed to workout and even cook....but after that, I read...a lot.

I didn't get a single phone call for a sub job on Monday night. I was floored! I guess because of Spring Break not as many teachers are taking time off. So, I went to bed...after I managed to find a place to stop reading.

Tuesday morning I got ONE phone call. It was at 5:30 in the morning, and typically that would be just the first of many...and I could choose. The first (and only) one I got on Tuesday was for BD at Winfield Middle School. Well, that was an obvious NO! I've seen the BD classrooms there before. UH-UH! Not me.

So, after that... my phone never rang. So, I enjoyed a day off! I seriously laid in bed with Jesse until 11:30. You can guess what I was doing. :) Reading New Moon, of course.

Jesse had a job interview yesterday in Charleston. I went with him there...and then we walked around the Town Center for a little bit. After that we came home, I read some more, ran with Jesse, worked out, cooked dinner, ate, showered...and spent the rest of the evening watching American Idol (and reading during commercials!) or just reading. By the time I got to bed last night I had already read about 500 pages.

Luckily I got a phone call last night. I'm at Poca High School today and I like it here :) I subbed this morning for a Geometry teacher and this afternoon I have a Special Ed. Language class.

Needless to say, I have finished New Moon. Now I'm anxiously checking the library's website to see when Eclipse will be available for me to pick up. Right now it says I'm number 1 on the list! :) I'm guessing I'll get it by the end of the week, if not earlier. The weather is supposed to be wonderful this weekend, so I'm thinking.... book sun book sun book sun.........and I'm getting very excited!

While I'm talking about the sun, I have a confession to make. I frequently type in, stare at the photos I posted of the Myrtle Beach Hilton, and pretend I'm already there! I love when I have something wonderful to look forward to. Right now, life is really good because I have SO much to look forward to. 1. the weekend, 2. Eclipse, ha! 3. nice weather 4. the beach, 5. never subbing again, 6. my job next year!!

I'm getting ready to start a new book now. Its called Jellicoe Road. Its supposed to be really good! It won some awards and stuff. I want to get it finished before Eclipse is at the library...because I know I won't be able to wait once I get it! :) Jesse keeps telling me that the reason I'm so hooked on these Twilight books is because they are demonic. I actually was slightly leerly of them before.... but if you've read any of them you know they are actually very innocent. Like a fairy tale. Actually...exactly like a fairy tale. I'd even say they are like a fairy tale version of Romeo and Juliet....especially New Moon. If you've read Twilight and weren't that HAVE to read New Moon. Its like 10 times better. Twilight lacks something in the plot area. Its more like an know, getting to know the setting and characters. New Moon pulls you much deeper into their lives...and has a much much more interesting conflict and thus plot.

I have to admit, sometimes I just wanna slap Bella. She can be so dense. And...what exactly is it about Bella that makes everyone so crazy about her. hahaha... I sound like I'm jealous. Its not that... I just think if Stephenie Meyer would have made Bella a little more desirable, the story could be a bit more believable. Perhaps its because we are seeing everything through Bella's eyes...and she, well, she's not the most self-confident person.

Ook ok,... enough about Twilight.

I'm going to start my new book now.

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