Friday, February 1, 2008

agh... grrr....

I am not liking Cracker Barrel today. I am getting sick of getting crappy sections. Today (for people who speak "barrel talk") I had tables 231, 232, and 233. If you don't speak Barrel then that means I was in the middle dining room with only three tables...two of which are in the middle of the floor. If you've ever been to a restuarant know that people don't like to sit in the middle of a large area. Instead they like to be next to a wall or a window or something. Therefore.. my tables didn't get sat much unless every other table was full.

Also yesterday I was told that I can't wear my work pants... I was already told the first week I was down here that I couldn't wear any of my KHAKI pants (God forbid!... I dont know whats so bad about Khakis at Cracker Barrel #247 but they don't allow them) Now I can't wear my navy blue pants because they have flaps on the pockets.... sheesh.

But... at Clemmons CB I can wear hoop earrings that are bigger than a dime. AND--- They don't care if you wear a belt or not. SO STUPID!

Well... I'm still sitting here in my stinky Cracker Barrel fireplace smelling I think I'm gonna go get in the shower. I guess tomorrow I have to go to the mall and buy some new pants!

Jesse faxed my resume to the school in High Point that is hiring an art teacher... they are supposed to call and set up an interview! :) Here is a link to their school info.... Johnson Street Global Studies School.

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