Saturday, February 9, 2008

restful day.....

Today Jesse and I slept in.

We made "Wildberry" pancakes.... and just layed around the house for awhile.

I got kinda bored towards the afternoon so I put together (w/ help from Jesse) my old Super Nintendo. I played Super Mario World for a long time. Its the only video game I have ever been good at playing.

Then I got ready and we went to the Hanes Mall w/ the Conn's...and Shane Boggess and his girlfriend, Shanda.

At around 6:45pm we went to "Texas Roadhouse" for dinner.....The line to get into that place was cRaZy! We waited over an hour and 40 minutes... We didn't leave there until almost ten o'clock.

When we got home I played Super Mario World until midnight.

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