Monday, February 25, 2008

Country Roads...Take me Home

Jesse and I spent the weekend in WV. We weren't supposed to go back until next weekend..but thats a long story.

We drove home on Thursday night... It was around 8 when we got to my parents house.

On Friday morning we went to Cracker Barrel in Barboursville to pick up a couple of paychecks from December. We talked to people for a long time. Charles and Ruth were there and they wanted to chat our ears off. I was happy to see everyone there...Allison Roe, Kathy Smith, Carmen, Brenda, Chris, Jeff, Alan, even Becky! :)

Then we went to Taco Bell. I had a baja chalupa, I love those things. They probably have 500 calories. I'd check the website but I'm afraid.

Jesse bought a new laptop at the Huntington Circuit City while we were there too.

Then we went to visit with his dad in Ona.... after we drove by the old house. It looked just the same.

We hung out there for awhile, watched most of Apollo 13, then we went to Jeremy's house. After that.... we went back to Mom and Dad's.

On Saturday we went to Sarah and Jay's around 1:30pm. Almost all of Jesse's family were there and Brian and Jessica. Sarah and Jay just bought a bunch of new furniture and a 42" plasma TV from Big Sandy. Jeremy was there trying to mount the thing on the wall for them. We were there for over 5 hours and when we left Jeremy was still working on it.

After that....we went to Mike and Allison's house to play some ping pong. Well, the boys play ping pong. Jessica and I play old school nintendo. We couldn't beat the 7th world of Super Mario 3. It was pretty pathetic.

They turned out all the lights and turned on the strobe light and some dancin' music. It was pretty fun :) Hannah, Abagail and Emma had a blast. Emma kept saying, "Now THIS is how you spend a Saturday night!" hahaha.

On Sunday we went to church at Maranatha. Then we went to my parents house and had Mexican Lasagna and a really yummy salad. Jesse wasn't feeling good. We took a 2 hour nap. Since he wasn't feeling well we decided that I would call in to Cracker Barrel and just drive home on Monday. :o) Yay! 4 day weekend!

After our loooong nap we weren't sleepy. Jesse stayed up watching TV and I finished a whole Nicholas Sparks book (Dear John).

If anyone reading this likes Nicholas Sparks...and enjoys a good HAVE TO read that book. It was the best Nicholas Sparks book I ever read.... but you'll cry more than you did in The Notebook! I hope they make this one into a movie too!
Since I finished both of my books, I reserved a couple more today. I should be getting Nights in Rodanthe pretty soon. I also got on the list to get The Choice but its new and I am number 61 in the queue.
I also reserved the new Homer Hickom book, Red Helmet. I think its about a mine rescue...I should get it very soon too! :)

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