Monday, February 11, 2008

I'll tell you one church where I won't be in attendance.......

The barrel was ok today. The day went by really fast. I had a table that was seated at 9:30am... It was a man waiting on some others to join him. He moved to another table...two more people came and ordered. Another lady came and ordered. Another lady came and ordered. At around NOON (yes, noon) Another girl comes and orders. Then a few minutes later two more ladies and one fat little boy comes and orders. They didn't leave till after one in the afternoon.
I found out that the man is the pastor of one of the biggest churches in Winston-Salem, Union Baptist. Well he needs to read my blog about Christians tipping because he left me less than 6 dollars. If I had just been able to turn my tables I could have made 30 more dollars today. He ripped me off.
Evidently they come in there a lot because most of the waitresses knew them and warned me about them. They were amazed that I got more than 3 dollars. They said that he usually tips 3 dollars even when they sit there forever. When everyone was there a little after noon they were taking up three tables.

Here are some photos of the guy

I'll admit.... they were decently nice...but they need to be more considerate of others.

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