Wednesday, February 6, 2008

hump day

In case you don't know... Wednesday is Hump Day because its the middle of the week. This is especially true for me cause I only work at CB M thru F. Thank God! :)

Today was a pretty good day. I was in the front dining room and I stayed busy all day. Yesterday was good too. I was in the smoking section but still stayed pretty busy and made pretty good money. I waited on a table of 8 CB General and District Managers.

Today I got kinda upset at this girl, Beth... I say "upset" but I didn't say anything or do anything of course. I just thought "What goes around comes around" There was a manager at one of my tables and she told me a lie and said that we were still on the old floor plan just so that she could go wait on him. Does she think I'm an idiot?? I wish she woulda just told me the truth instead of being shifty about it...cause I would have let her wait on him if she wanted....shes a table theif.

Tonight Jesse and I are getting ready to go to Agape Faith Church. They are having a miracle healing service and prayer meeting.

No news from the job search... or the house search. Well take that back... about the house search anyway. We have a new location we are looking at... its called Wallburg, NC.

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