Tuesday, February 26, 2008

hate 2 B late

Ooops. This morning was a rainy yucky morning....As soon as I walked into Cracker Barrel today I was being hugged. I was confused. This lady..her name is Terri (but everyone calls her Momma) was hugging me and saying "I was so worried about you!" Then it donned on me. I MUST BE LATE!

I was supposed to be there at 10 but I showed up at 10:25 because I thought I was supposed to be there at 10:30! Oh well, they weren't busy and they didn't need me so it was ok.

The day went by pretty slow. I had a crappy section earlier but around noon the manager "cut" the floor so I had 4 tables. I only sold 166 dollars worth of food, but I somehow managed to make 40 dollars

After work I worked around the house a lot. Laundry, organized some cabinets, unloaded the dishwasher and just put random stuff away.

Holli invited us to dinner tonight. It was soo good! She made Chicken and Noodles, carrots, green beans, and biscuits....and I made mashed potatoes and tea! :) She also made some delicious butterscotch chip cookies that had instant vanilla pudding in the batter. SO GOOD! I am gonna get the recipe for those!

After dinner we hung out a while and then watched American Idol!! I am in love with David Archuletta!!! He's adorable and has a beautiful voice.

Tomorrow I don't have to work! YAY!! Jesse and I are gonna go to Walmart. Sounds fun, huh?

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