Thursday, February 7, 2008

you have to be "choking"..the smoking section AGAIN!

So from the title of this blog post I bet you can tell that I was in the smoking section again today. Yes, you aren't supposed to be in smoking more than once a week..but I didn't complain. I think its best to just keep your mouth shut. Unless you are truly getting dumped on. I don't want them to stick me back there every day just cause I don't complain though!!

Well... even though I did ok in smoking the other was TERRIBLE! I only made 29 dollars from 9:30 to 2. Luckily I had everything done and I was outta there by 2:15! :)

Tonight Jesse and I had french toast for dinner. I had been craving it for awhile.

Then we watched Transformers, Jesse feel asleep.. While we.. I mean, I was watching my mom called and said that she got a new Toyota Carolla. They made a smart choice and went for the inexpense car...rather than the car she wanted which was a Mini Cooper.

After that Jesse and I watched the new Survivor. And if anyone reading this watched it tonight... I HAVE A THEORY!!!!!!! I think Johnny Fairplay really didn't want to do the show and I think the big wigs must have really wanted him to do it. They probably hooked him up with a good deal and promised him to be voted off in the 1st episode. I think the "Favorites" actually had to throw the challenge so that Fairplay could be voted off. I think it was alllllllll a set-up. If you read this and have anything to add.... please comment!

Now I just got on the
Forsyth County Library webpage and reserved some books to check out.... I put a couple Nicholas Sparks books on hold...and I also reserved a couple John Grisham books for Jesse. I love living in a place where the library is up to date!!! WVs libraries are archaic.

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