Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Worked at CB today.. BOOO! It was so boring and slow. I think we ARE in a recession.

The other day I got my teaching license in the mail...and today I found out that there is an ART teacher job opening in High Point, NC which is in Guilford County. Its a magnet school called Jefferson Street Global Studies School. It has students from K to 7th grade and its about a 30 minute drive....BUt I would be making at least 34 grand a year. YAY!... I applied online and I am gonna call them soon and get some more information!

Jesse and I drove out to the address we had for that house I posted a picture of yesterday....well, the Google Map was WRONG! haha... we ended up in a field full of junky trailers.

We found out it was kinda out too far when we finally got the address right. But... along the journey we found a couple really nice neighborhoods in Davie County (Redland Place & Redland Way) that are very conviently located... more on those later

now... Its time for bed

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