Thursday, January 24, 2008

I don't feel so goood....

Today I'm feelin' pretty crappy. I think I got a cold... so I gave away my CB shift tomorrow to a lady named Gail. :) Better than calling in I guess. I'm really glad that I have the whole day to rest tomorrow! I took a cold pill this morning and I felt great for awhile.. but it started to wear off around 2. I was in the smoking section today and it was soooo slow. I only had three tables in three hours....somehow I still managed to make 50 dollars.

Well Jesse went to the Dentist today and I think someone must have been prayin' for him... because the pain he was in was just an infection. His wisdom tooth has a little pouch of skin around it and some food got in there and caused an infection. Luckily the dentist did some x-rays and found that Jesse's wisdom teeth are very small and can be pulled in the Dentist office. So he doesn't need to go to an oral surgeon! I was very glad to hear that! It only costs about 150 bucks to pull each tooth.

Nap time...

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