Tuesday, January 22, 2008

whadda day

haha... actually today wasn't bad. I was looking forward to working at CB by myself and not training. (its so tiring!!) but I had to train a girl named Shannon today. Then she got a migraine and she left before she could help me with my sidework or silverware! pooo! haha... I made 70 dollars again, and it wasn't nearly as busy today.

A bunch of Ford trucks got broke into at work today... Cops were all over the place. They said some professional thief had some sort of machine that would unlock the door of Ford trucks. They got him on the camera system a Chevy Tahoe. He must not like Fords. Glad I drive a Scion! :)

Jesse says that we are gonna go to the Mall and go out to eat tonight! I'm really excited. Hes supposed to be home around 5 and I'm supposed to be ready to go. SOOOO... I better go get in the shower! Hope I have hot water! hahaha

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