Wednesday, January 30, 2008

beep, beep...back the truck up

ok.... catch up time

on Saturday, Jesse and I went with Holli and Lester to look around King, NC. We were looking at some neighborhoods that we could possibly live in eventually. Then we drove up a little ways and visited Mt. Airy, NC. Mt. Airy is the town Mayberry was based on and it is the hometown of Andy Griffith. We wanted to have lunch somewhere Snappy Lunch (it was closed), The Blue Bird Diner, or Aunt Bea's....but somehow we ended up at Chili's...but it was good
Here are some photos of the "Snappy Lunch" I think you can see Floyd's Barber Shop and Opie's Candy Shop too! hahaha.... While I was standing there taking one of these pictures a strange man walked by me and said, "You shoulda got here earlier (it was 3:30pm and they close at 2) and you coulda had you a porkchop sandwich." Holli and I laughed a while about that one. I guess we looked like tourists.... in case you didn't know Andy went to the Snappy Lunch and ate porkchop sandwiches.

On Sunday we went to church at Agape Faith Church in Clemmons, NC. I'm starting to really like that church...(if Jesse will just stop jumping over purple ribbons.)

After church we drove out to Yadkin County to look at some neighborhoods out there. We found one that we liked....then we went to a park and Lester and Jesse passed football. We had lunch at Monte De Rey...a mexican restaurant. It was very good, I had Chicken Nachos Fajitas.

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