Monday, October 27, 2008

mini-long-term sub job!

Yesterday was such a beautiful, nice day. I was able to go outside and run for the first time since Tuesday of last week! I did a longer run out and about around Hurricane, about 6 miles or so.

I didn't get a sub call, not one. So... I went to bed not knowing where I would be working...if anywhere.

Early in the morning, I got 2 calls to sub at elementary schools, one for MMI and one for LD. I turned those down, hoping that I'd get something better. At around 7 am I got a call for a Reading teacher at a middle school....and when I listened to it again (remember, I was half-asleep) I realized that it was a multiple day assignment for the next 2 weeks!

I went to school this morning and everything worked out pretty well. I had to make plans, but I managed to get those done for the next 2 weeks already. I have homeroom, exploratory, planning, 2 basic classes, lunch, then the remaining 3 basic classes. Tomorrow the students are taking a test. Their regular teacher has to have bypass heart surgery on Wednesday and shes gonna be out for at least 8 weeks, probably more. So it will be put up for bid for a long-term sub after my 2 weeks. I'll bid on it, but since I'm not certified in reading I'm sure I won't be getting it.

After school today it was so dang cold.. I didn't want to run outside. (especially since I am getting over a cold) So I actually ran on the treadmill today...only about 4.5 miles while I watched Oprah.

Then I cooked dinner. We had sweet and sour turkey meatballs, roasted red potatoes, and a salad. I have the best recipe for sweet and sour meatballs...(and I will share it on here eventually. I'd do it now, but Jesse is wanting the computer.) My mom used to make it all the time when I was a kid and it was my FAVORITE meal. I even wrote a poem about how much I loved her meatballs. hahaha.

Just in case anyone reading this feels like they should buy me a birthday present (~november 30th!!~), I am taking collections so that I can afford to buy a new bag. I love this one called Medium Slouch from Lucky Brand. This one is Parrot Blue.. and I love it..and I also love the one in Mulberry (purple). Why do they have to cost so much???

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