Saturday, October 25, 2008

OMG, I'm Slackin'!!

Wow... the blog has seriously been neglected lately. I'm sure all of you are tragically hurt...and I sincerely apologize! :)

I'm gonna try to do better.

This week has been good... and bad.

I got to do a lot of subbing for Art teachers this week!!

On Monday I subbed for a 6th grade math teacher at GWMS. That was a really good day!

On Tuesday I subbed at Poca High for their Art teacher. It was the 3rd time I have subbed for him. It was a much better day than the last time. On tuesday night I ran with Jesse (on a bike)all over the town of Hurricane. It was a good evening to run. Later that night I started feeling like crap and sneezing a lot.

On Wednesday I subbed at Winfield High for a math teacher. She teaches PreCalc and AP Calc. The kids were so well behaved that I could read a book. I felt like total crap all day though. My nose was running and I had to hold a tissue constantly. I was really looking forward to my planning period during 3rd. Another teacher uses that classroom during that block, so I thought I could go out to my car and take a nap! But...right before 3rd I got paged by the office.

Of course they wanted me to stay in that classroom and sub for the traveling teacher's class. So I was teaching Applied Geometry, if you can call it that. It seemed a whole lot more like herding cats. (as my mom would say)

They would not behave...they were loud and obnoxious. Two boys in particular. I separated them because they were being annoying. Then they started argueing; something about a girls panties that one of them brought to school. One boy started to get really angry. The other students looked and me and said, "this happens every single day" and "they always fight." Well, the angry kid finally snaps and screams across the classroom, "YOU DON'T KNOW $%*#! YOU DON'T KNOW $%*#! SHUT THE *^#% UP!" Then he started breathing heavy and I got scared that he was gonna jump over the desks and blast the other guy. But he just grabbed his stuff and walked out the door. He never came back...and I wrote him up and gave the form to the VP. I'm sure he got in pretty big trouble for that one.

On Wednesday night I had to work at Cracker Barrel which stunk since I was sick. But actually it couldn't have went better. I was busy...and made good money...and still made it out of their pretty early. I made almost 60 bucks in the 3 hours I was on the floor.

On Thursday I subbed at Hurricane High for one of their Art teachers. It was a great day!! I felt a little better and I slept in til 8:30. At 8:30 my phone rang and it was a job offer for a whole day position, even though it was already started. So I called HHS and told them that I would be there in about an hour. When I got there at 9:30, first block was almost over! So I missed that! YAY! It was a rambunctious Art I class. Second block was AP Studio Art...and it was kinda fun. Third block was another Art I, but it wasn't too bad and then 4th Block was his planning! So I got to go home at 2:15!! You couldn't ask for better than that!

On Thursday night I literally layed in bed from 3 pm til I went to bed at around 11.

On Friday I subbed for the Art teacher at Winfield Middle School, which is where my Mom works. I got to spend some time with her...we had leftover Husson's pizza for lunch! :) It was a good day. I love Middle School!!

Today...Mom and I went shopping out at Southridge. I bought some stuff at Michael's to fix up a Autumn wreath for my front door (and it looks AWESOME! I <3 it!!) and I bought a pair of jeans. We went to Walmart on the way home. We didn't get back until around 9:30. a normal and then mom and dads. I really need to work out!!!Since I have been sick I haven't ran or worked out at all!! :(

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