Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is that your eye or an egg mcmuffin?

Sunday night... I was sitting on the coach, playing on the computer.....and my Kitsy came and slept on my lap for awhile. Shortly after that my eye started itching....and I shouldn't have. But I scratched it.

Shortly after that, it started to burn..and itch more...and then it started to swell.

It got so swollen that it was almost swollen shut.. I made Jesse go to Kroger and buy me some Benadryl. I took 2 of those...which may have helped, but I'm not really sure because 30 minutes later I was snoring in my bed.

When I woke up it was still swollen. I got a couple of sub calls but they were all crappy ones that I woudn't want to do on a normal day, let alone with a red, itchy, swollen eye.

Later that morning I took another Benadryl....and then slept from noon to 2:30. The pills seriously made me feel woosey and drunk. They are great sleeping pills though.

At 4 I was supposed to run with Amy....but I was feeling rather sluggish. Plus she called and said she needed to go be with her mom for awhile, so we didn't run.

I attempted to run around here, but it didn't Jesse and I went for about a 2 mile walk instead.

While I was in the shower on Monday night I got my 1st and only sub was for Mr. Hopkins, the Band teacher at Buffalo High School.

So, thats where I was today.... It was basically a babysitting day of me watching long-haired boys play hackeysack. But... I got to leave early at 2 pm. :)

After school Jesse and Brian went to play tennis at the park...and I went with them and ran around 5 miles. Then I cooked a new recipe, baked salmon with a honey mustard pecan glaze. It was pretty good.

Just a few minutes ago I got a sub call for tomorrow.... I'll be teaching 2 classes of Intro to the Majors and 1 PE class. I'll be reporting about how that goes soon.

I'm looking forward to the end of this week... Thursday and Friday I'll be teaching Spanish at the middle school where my mom works...and then on Friday night my friend Cassie and I are making plans to spend some time together!!

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