Saturday, October 11, 2008

as I get older...the weeks go by faster

This week flew by.

I subbed every day but Monday (due to the eye situation)

I already posted about Tuesday and subbing for the Band teacher at Buffalo. On Wednesday night I was waiting and waiting to get a call. At around 9:30 I was fairly sure that I wouldn't get a job (because they stop calling at 10pm) 9:45 the phone rang. It was a job offer for a PE teacher...He taught 2 Intro to the Majors classes which went by really well.

Then, during 4th Block he had a gym class. But...there was on hitch. They were having a Blood Drive that the gym was full of tables, nurses, orange juice and raisins. So, they couldn't have Gym class in there. It was raining outside. So, I found the principal walking in the Commons Area. He said to have them sit on the tables in the Commons and have a "study hall" period. Ok.

This turned into a babysitting period of me watching them listen to their MP3 players. Which is no big deal.....if they could just behave.

One kid was really getting on my nerves. I had to say something to him 3 or 4 times. He kept screaming across the Commons, etc. Finally I had had it...and I told him to get his things and move to a table by himself. He immediately reacts defensively saying, "What?! I didn't do anything!!" and crap like that.

I told him to move again. He refused. Just then, the principal walked through the Commons again. I said, "Do you want me to get Mr. Donalson to have you move?" He said "Yeah!" Mr. Donalson looked at the kid and said, "My office NOW!"

So later I had to go to his office and talk to the kids mom. Mr. Donalson said that he "rung him out" hahaha...

That wasn't all the went wrong with the class either. There is a kid with MI in there and one second he was sitting there...I turned around...and then he was GONE! I was kinda freaking out, but luckily he came back about 20 minutes later.

Oh, and that wasn't all...a kid rubbed a handfull of crushed deodorant all down another boys face. It was all over the floor. By the end of that class I felt like pulling out all of my hair.

Luckily the rest of the week I spent at Winfield Middle School with my Mom. I subbed for the Spanish teacher. The kids were great, smart, well behaved, funny, and very friendly. I can't wait to come back! And of course it was nice to be so close to my Mom.

On Friday night after school I went to the Mall with my friend, Cassie! I left my house at 4:30 to meet her there at 5. As soon as I got on the Interstate at Hurricane I saw BRAKE LIGHTS! AhhhH! I was in traffic from Hurricane to Milton... It took me 1 hour and 35 minutes to get from my house to the Mall, which is less than 20 miles.

I had a good time hanging out with Cassie though... Didn't buy anything though. Well, except for a tube of hairball medicine for Kitsy from Complete Petmart. Cassie and I had dinner at Bob Evan's. I had their Country Spinach Salad and I swear it was huge. It was really good, but I bet it was a whole bag of Spinach. (hmmm, that explains a lot about my poo this afternoon.)

This morning I cooked pancakes for breakfast and then went to Elder Beerman and Walmart (where I saw Brian & Jessica)

I told my mom that I would make a dessert for tomorrow so I made a layered chocolate pie. It looks so good!! Its a shame that I had to lick 4 mixing bowls all by myself...hehehe!

now...its time for a shower! Goodnight!

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