Thursday, October 2, 2008

BOOOM! Is this a drill?

Oh what a crazy day!

I went to Winfield Middle School today. It was gonna be a pretty easy day... just 2 classes and planning.

I was teaching science to 6th graders...well sort of. I was watching them while they did worksheets. We were in there for maybe 30 minutes when a kid came running back into our classroom from the bathroom, screaming, "Its another BOMB THREAT! They wouldn't let me go to the bathroom!"

Great. So I said, "Ok we'll just stay calm until they tell us what to do."

A few minutes later they rang the fire alarm...and we were all headed out to the football field. That was around 12:30, I think.... We couldn't go back to the building until 2:40!! We sat out on the football field with all those 6th graders for that long. They had to bring in a bomb-sniffing dog. It was insane.

The kids ask, "is this a drill?" haha.... They think its only real if there really IS a bomb in the school. There are no bomb threat drills.

I was glad to run with Amy after that.... relieve some stress.

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