Friday, September 25, 2009

no time to breathe.

Oh my goodness... I haven't blogged in forever! I think this may have been my longest hiatus ever!

I'm really really busy....especially at school. I wish I had another hour of planning a day. I feel like I'll never get the stuff done that I want/need to get done. I'm always having to work on stuff at home. Its a pain. I don't get paid for that time and Jesse gets upset with me working at home, too.

I've been really stressed lately. Mostly about my grad school classes.... Mostly my Edf 616 class because the Professor isn't very clear...and we have to write this big paper. We have to find 6 research articles and I was having a really hard time finding what I needed... I think I've finally got my articles now. Its due on Oct. 16th so I should probably get started.

This week, I had my principal come in and do an observation of me teaching this week, too. I had to send a student out of my room. I had to give a student after-school detention. I also broke up a verbal girl fight where the girls were so angry that they were shaking. Its been a crazy week.

Jesse was out of town again this week. Just from Monday to Thursday this time. Next week I took off 2 personal days so I can go to Columbus with him! I'm really excited about that! We are trying to figure out where to eat out while we're there. I kinda wanna go to Macaroni Grill or the Cheesecake Factory. I'm really glad that I'm going to get a couple of days to chill and relax. I hope the weather is nice!!

With all this was bad timing for the health screening that we had at school today. I signed up for it because if you have good numbers PEIA will pay me 50 bucks! However, I've never given blood for ANYTHING before and I was seriously nervous. I had to squeeze the hand of a large, old, male nurse. But...there was absolutely no reason to be nervous. It was easy! It barely hurt at all.

BUT......when I looked at the tube of sorta freaked me out. Physically I was fine, but seeing my blood kinda messed me up. I can't stop thinking about it. Is that normal??????? Seeing that much of my own blood made me feel someone could squish me and I would bleed and die. It's not like I didn't know this before, but seeing the blood just made me seem more real somehow.

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