Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I was totally sick yesterday. BLAH. Felt horrible!! Last night I started feeling sooo much better. I took some Tylenol Cold medicine and it helped but it makes me feel all yucky and disconnected. It makes me feel like my brain doesn't work properly and my reflexes feel slowed. I hate that feeling! I slept much better last night. This morning I'm still feeling pretty good. I'm not back 100% yet, but I'm here at school. I'm making it through.

My sub seemed to do a good job, she complimented me for being very organized and said she would come back to sub for me any time!! :) Thats always a good thing! I know as a sub, that if you don't really mean that, you don't say it. You never want to go back to a bad place.

So, thats good ...since I'm going to be out of town for 2 days the week after next. I'm going to need a sub!! I'm going with Jesse to Columbus for his business meetings. I'm excited! :) We haven't been to Columbus since we left in Dec. 2003. I'd like to go to church on Wednesday night, but... we'll be headed home. We both have to work on Thursday morning.

I'm in the Art office right now and I just woke up. hahaha. I decided to take a little nap. It was nice.

Its almost time for 2nd...gotta go

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