Tuesday, September 1, 2009

blogs on the backburner

Thanks for all the concerned people responding to my overcrowded classroom situation. It hasn't been completely fixed, but for now the problem is under control. On Monday afternoon they created a new English 9 class. It took 5 kids out of my 4th block, leaving me with around 30. They also took 3 out of my 2nd block, leaving me with 33. It would be nice to get 2nd block down to 30, but its not that bad. There are a bunch of seniors in that class, so they are pretty well behaved and calm.

I have a kid in my 4th block that is driving me crazy and telling me that he loves me. He's one of the biggest smart-you-know-whats I've ever seen. There are a couple of crazies in there. Plus not very many of them can draw so it takes a lot of my attention to give independant help.

well...I gotta go bake a pizza now, but I'm sure I'll blog again soon. I miss it!!

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