Tuesday, September 29, 2009

back in Columbus

I've been having a good time here in Columbus! Jesse had another business trip but this time I decided to come along. I took off 2 personal days from work.

This morning I slept in til 9. Then I went downstairs for breakfast. The hotel has a nice hot breakfast buffet.. and it is expensive! Jesse's company gave him 2 complementary tickets for breakfast...and since he's not a breakfast eater, he gave them to me! I had a fresh waffle, fresh pineapple, grapes, chocolate soy milk, and coffee. Tomorrow I'm planning on eating an omelet.

I spent the whole day shopping. I bought a really cool Toulouse Lautrec tshirt. I spent a long time shopping in a huge forever21. I bought a few things in there. I went to just about every shop in the Polaris Mall.

I may have ran out of things to do for tomorrow!

Tonight Jesse and I ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I ordered a fettuccine with chicken and sun dried tomatoes in Parmesan sauce. Sounded like it would be something that I LOVE.....but it was nasty! I never send stuff back...but this was bad. I didn't want to eat all those calories when it was bland and kinda burnt tasting. yuck. So, I sent it back and I got a Four Cheese Pasta and it was AWESOME. It had a scoop of ricotta cheese in the middle...and it was loaded with cheese and a yummy marinara sauce. I loved it!!

Jesse order Chicken Belaggio. It may have been the best fried chicken breast that I've ever had. Then it had a yummy spaghetti pasta with oil and basil plus it had prosciutto and arugula on top.

Can't wait til I get up and eat some yummy breakfast! goodnight!

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