Wednesday, September 2, 2009

much better day!

Today was a better day... I felt really good about how my classroom worked today. I had to take one of my trouble makers in 4th block out in the hall and have a little conversation. It helped a lot. :)

After school I stayed a little while and fixed all my crazy cords from my projector, computer, ethernet cord, printer, etc. that were all over the place. I got my printer hooked up finally (since I finally found the right cords in the Art Office! :) I even have some ink for it YAY! Tomorrow I just need to stick in cartridges in there and I should be set. I had to download the drivers from

I was sleepy when I got home, so I just didn't feel like working out. Instead I decided Jesse and I would have an early dinner and then go for a walk. So, thats what we did. It was such a beautiful evening! I miss our really long walks we used to take when we were both unemployeed. :( Tonight's walk was probably only 2 miles or so.

Jesse has to go out of town soon for about 3 nights. He's gotta go to Middletown, Ohio for training for his job. :( I'm upset about this, but I'll make it through.

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