Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sub job could be over? :(

This could be my last week as the 6th grade reading teacher at Poca Middle School. That means two more days!! Boooooo! I kinda doubt that it will be....but we shall see. I'm guessing that I'll find out tomorrow.

My students are taking a test tomorrow. I don't know what to do after that!! I don't want to start anything new if I'll be leaving. So, I still haven't decided what we will be doing when they finish their tests tomorrow. If I find out that I'll be staying we are going to start reading Where the Red Fern Grows. So.. my fingers are crossed. I really want to stay!!

I'm watching American Idol right now. Its been even worse than last week if that's possible. I'm a fan of Allison and Megan so far tonight. The guys have been awful. I don't like how they are saying that one guy and one girl and the next top vote-getter goes on. That's not fair. It should just be the top 3 regardless of sex.

Anywho........ I'm going to go make me a cup of hot chocolate. I'll be posting tomorrow or Friday about continuing my job. Pray.

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