Thursday, February 19, 2009

me, big mouth? who knew?!

So... yesterday I went to work at school as usual. However I had to go to work at Cracker Barrel too. From 5 to 8 I was scheduled on Wednesday night.

I was busy chatting with a girl named Andrea that I haven't seen in probably over a year...and there was this new chick. I'd never seen her before. While we were talking in the vestibule, the new chick answers a to-go phone order. A couple seconds later, the girl turns around and says, "I can't hear!" Its always loud in, I quieted down a bit and continued talking to Andrea. New chick turns around again, and says, this time with a bit more rage, "I can't hear! I'm trying to take a to-go order!" So Andrea and I walked away, but kept talking. Then, the new chick yells at all of us once again, "I said, I can't hear!"

So, I looked at her and she didn't even have her finger pressed on her other ear to help her hear the person on the phone better! So I said, "Put your finger in your ear!"

A few minutes later, she gets off the phone and starts yelling at everyone. She says something like, "I was just trying to take a to-go order and it was so loud in here that I couldn't hear at all and SOMEONE told me to stick my finger in my ear! blah blah blah"

By then I was ticked, "Whats up with this girl," I thought to myself. I spoke up, "I was the one that said it. If you have a problem with that stop yelling at everyone and you can take it up with me!" I could feel her tension building up and I could tell that she wanted to hit me. Secretly, I was kinda wishing that she would hit me. I may be little...but this is one chick that I wasn't afraid of. She looked like a strong wind might blow her over....kinda like your average Eastern Kentucky Methhead. I didn't see any open sores, but I did overhear her talking about her "bearded dragon." creepy.

Today was a good day at school. I got lots of hugs. :) I feel like I'm doing better with discipline and its making me a happier person and probably a better teacher, too.

Tonight I made enchiladas and black bean dip and Jesse couldn't be happier! It was really good. I think I could eat that dinner every night.

Tomorrow is friday and I couldn't be happier about that!

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