Thursday, February 26, 2009

my 1st sick day

Today is the first time that I have ever been able to take a sick day and get paid for it, what!!! haha. Its so exciting! I can't wait til I get a fulltime job and I get 15 sick days!! Wahooo!

I have a cold. Its not that bad, but I dont have the patience to put up with 110 12 year olds. I'm very achy and sneezy and just plain yucky. I'm going to just rest and eat a lot today. I already had oatmeal, a bowl of cheerios and an apple. I'm thinking that around 130 or so I'm going to drive out to McDonalds and get me a grilled chicken sandwich or a Southwestern salad.

ok........nap time

oh more thing. Mrs. Thomas talked to Ms. Richards and she said she'd be back on March 9th. That gives me at least 1 more week! :) But Mrs. Thomas said not to count on that.....she (and everyone else) still think that I'll be there until May.


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