Monday, February 9, 2009

another Monday...

Here I am again. Another monday afternoon at my long term sub job. I'm really thankful to be here! What could be better than 6th grade reading? (Even if these students are slightly more challenging than normal. I still love them.)

So last week it seemed like I was hearing bad news everyday. I wrote about Amy, my good friend from high school, whose father and brother were in a wreck on Sunday night. I've been praying for the other man involved and I heard that he woke from a coma the other day. I also have been praying that his family have mercy and not try to hold Amy's family liable. There was another article in the paper about it the other day.

Fiery collision that killed father, son remains a mystery

On Tuesday a friend from the church I grew up in was involved in a terrible accident on 62 in Mason County. He was passing a car and hit another car head on. They both had to be cut from the vehicles and air-lifted to the hospital. I have heard that Jarrod is going to be ok, but that he may have permanent damage done to his legs. The girl in the car he hit was not doing well the last I heard. I've been praying that she pulls through because her family may press charges against Jarrod.

My parents and I went to the visition for Amy's dad and brother on Thursday night. While we were there around 6:30 or 7 pm there was an accident on Route 35 near the Putnam and Mason County line. Jesse and I heard about it on the news. They said that a man was killed.

Then on Friday morning I found out that it was Stan Gray that was killed in that wreck. He is married to my mom's cousin, Angie. Stan was working for Mattress Warehouse at the time of the accident and he was still on the clock while traveling for business from Columbus, Ohio back to Winfield. Because he was "on the clock" I think Angie and their 2 young children will be getting a large check, plus whatever insurance they had on him personally. Kim Knoff, the owner of Mattress Warehouse, already set up two scholarship funds for their kids. I still feel terrible for Angie. I don't know how you would explain to 2 kids (the oldest of whom is in 6th grade) that their daddy is gone.

I've had enough of this blog. Next blog post will be on a happier note.

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