Sunday, July 12, 2009

day 1 @ massanutten

Well, here we are at Massanutten. I guess its a good thing that I haven't been on the internet to update the blog or facebook or anything. I guess that means I've been busy, sort of.

We got here around 7ish last night. We stopped and ate at this really yummy BBQ place called Hank's Smokehouse. It was so yummy! I had a 1/2 lb pork BBQ sandwich with cole slaw and a yummy pepper relish...with french fries. Mom, Dad and Jesse all ordered the same thing; it was called Big Whiskey Chicken Sandwich. Who orders chicken at a BBQ place, right? Well, they all LOVED it. They said it was the best chicken sandwich they'd ever had. It did look pretty good, but Jesse wasn't into giving me a taste. Mine was delicious, so I don't care.... :)

Here at the Massanutten Resort they have lots and lots of activities, but they cost ya...a lot. So, Jesse and I being cheap weren't planning on doing too much. They have these cards you can buy for 100 dollars and they make your activities cheaper...even some are free. Well, we knew it woudn't be worth it for we weren't going to buy them. BUT.... (you knew that was coming, didn't you?) when we checked in, they offered us all a FREE activity card if we go to a "tour" of the resort. Yeah, we aren't stupid....we know that this tour is really a HUGE salespitch to get us to buy a timeshare here. Well, we aren't going to do that!! I don't care how much they pressure us. So, we just give up 2 hours of our time.....and get to see inside some of the hundreds of different buildings and units here. (This place is MASSIVE) We are going to do the "tour" on tuesday morning.

Today...we woke up...hung around the unit for awhile. This is a really nice place. It has 2 bedrooms. The master has its own bathroom. Jesse and I are sleeping in two twin beds and next door to our room is an ENORMOUS bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and a dual-head shower. It has a large kitchen with pretty much all the kitchen stuff for cooking, living room, washer and dryer, 3 tvs, a dvd player, vcr player, etc....

Then we went for a little drive to a town called Elkton where we went to a FoodLion to get groceries. When we got back we had some sandwiches for lunch and then headed over to a craft room that is in the ski lodge. We all made tie-dyed t-shirts! Can you beleive that? I haven't made a tie-dyed t-shirt since I was around 12! I hope mine turns out pretty! They told us to keep them closed up in plastic bags for at least 7 days! So, I guess I won't be getting to wear it for awhile.

Jesse and I went to check out the workout facilities at this place called "Leclub." It was ok...but some of the equipment looked like Noah used it on the ark! I ran a bit on a treadmill, got on an eliptical, then did some weight machines.... it was ok, NOT the Hilton. There is another gym down the hill in another building, so we may try that tomorrow or the next day.

When we got back from the gym, I sat out on the front porch and read a little of The Shack. Its my newest book selection...and I think I'm going to love it! I'll write more about that later! But as I was sitting there...I looked down and there was a deer laying right beneath me! We fed it a carrot and some apples...then another one came and we fed it too!!

Mom cooked dinner (turkey sausage rigitoni with vodka sauce.. yummy!) Then Jesse and I went for a little walk.....and for the last few hours we've just been sitting around watching some stuff on tv. They have 5 HBO channels here, so...we've been watching movies.

now...its late! goodnight!

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