Monday, May 17, 2010

WEST test.... blah

So here I am. I'm sitting in my classroom with 18 9th graders. They are finishing up the 1st session of the Mathematics portion of the WEST test. Some students are snoozing. Some are drawing pictures on their scrap paper. Others and still plugging numbers into their calculators. Strangely, it seems the most intelligent of students are the ones still working. I guess the others are drawing Christmas trees on their answer sheet.

This is kinda boring for me. At least I'm sitting in a quiet room...and its MY room. I just wish I could get up and move around. Clean up. Do something. Guess thats why I'm blogging for the first time in a long time.

So...this weekend was nice. I went to Jesse's sister, Mary's bridal shower on Saturday. It was good. I won a prize! It was a really pretty decorative table lamp! Mary is marrying a guy named Ron and they are moving to Charlotte after the wedding. She is really excited and I'm happy for her. The wedding is on June 12th.

My friend, Cassie is getting married on June 5th, too! I have been looking for something to wear to these weddings for a while now and I can't find anything!!! I have somehow talked Jesse into taking me to Columbus this weekend. I can't wait!!!! Hopefully I can find something to wear there. We'll be staying near the Polaris mall and we'll probably go to Easton too. Friday is his birthday and he wants to eat at Chipotle.

I'm really excited about everything that is happening in the next few weeks!~ School is almost out! I can't believe how fast my first year went by! The summer is going to be great!

On June 6th, my Dad is getting baptized so we'll be going to Mom's church to see that. YAY! There are just lots of exciting things happening in the next few weeks!

Mom is doing really well. She had her 6th chemo treatment on the last Thursday in April. She has an appointment with Dr. Schiano on Wednesday this week and if everything is good then she will be scheduled for a CT scan. If that is all clear then she'll be done. Everyone keeps asking me if that means she'll be in remission. With ovarian cancer they don't consider you to be in remission for 5 years. Instead they say "no evidence of disease" which some people called "dancing with NED" SO, as long as Mom can dance with NED for 5 years then they will say she is in remission.

I will be writing more when we find out more information after Mom's appointment this week.

Gotta go, its almost time for a pee break. (thank God)

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Hey girl! I'm your newest follower! Glad to hear your mom is doing well and sorry you're stuck in a classroom - testing is so ridiculous!