Thursday, July 8, 2010

just a lot of signatures...

I remember when we closed on our first house.  Jesse and I were both still in college at Marshall and we worked at the Cracker Barrel in Barboursville.  We knew we were going to be around that area for awhile so we decided to buy a house in Ona.  It was pretty exciting being that it was our first house.  It was just a cute little country house in the woods..but it had a nice big yard and a charming white kitchen.  I remember when we went to the closing...WOW.  Who knew that you had to sign and initial so many papers!!  It gets really old.  But...its exciting because at the end that massive stack of papers........ is a key.   
Today... will be just a bunch of signing, signing, initialing and signing.  Bleh.  There will be no key at the bottom of the stack.  Delayed gratification... Patience.  That's what I'm learning!!   Hopefully we will see some progress on the lot when all this is over. 

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