Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Art Teacher Moment!!

In my Art 1 classes I decided to squeeze in a quick lesson on we've been talking about correct human facial and body proportions.  I went back into my past and pulled out an old Mr. Pahl assignment...the 1/2 face portrait.  My students are supposed to find a forward-facing magazine photo....then they cut the photo right down the bridge of the nose.  They glue one half down on white paper and then they finish the rest of the face.
I just thought that this would be some little, quick exercise and that they really wouldn't do that well... (I was vaguely remembering what mine looked like when I was in Mr. Pahl's class) But... I really stressed that I wanted them to look at the shapes of shadows and highlights...instead of drawing lines for the nose, lips, etc.  I REALLY stressed that I wanted them to look look look and look at the photo.
and....guess what they did?????
THEY LISTENED!  and then THEY DID IT!!      I'm so proud of them!
It made me remember when I taught adults watercolor painting last winter.... and they didn't listen to what I said AT ALL!  (of course they weren't getting graded, either)
I actually heard one kid say that this was his best artwork from this class.  Another girl said, "This is an assignment where even people with no artistic talent can do good!"
Needless to made my day.

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