Friday, November 13, 2009

Good week @ school

This week has been a really good week at school.  I think having Wednesday off for Veteran's Day really helped! haha.  Today (Friday) we had the annual PowderPuff Football game.  It was an easy day for me because I have first period planning I only taught one class all day long!   The Seniors won.  One of my students made all but 2 of the points for the Seniors.  She was named MVP, of course. 
I really should be working on some of my grad school homework....but I just can't get myself to focus on it right now.  Again, I have to write up a stupid lesson plan.   BLAH.
Tomorrow is Saturday and I'm really glad that I get to sleep in!  Maybe I'll get to sleep more than I did on Wednesday morning.  Jesse's cell phone alarm went off downstairs at 6:45.  THEN, he got in the shower, turned on the vent and blasted music.   He is rude.
I really really miss reading! I've only read one book since Catching Fire...It's Swimsuit by James Patterson.  I bet I've been trying to read it for 2 months.   I really miss my free time.  Can't wait til summer!
Last night I stopped by the theatre and bought my New Moon ticket for this weekend! YAY! I'm so excited about that! My sister-in-law Bekah is going with me!!

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