Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm breathing a little easier....

oh my goodness... I've been really stressed out lately and really busy. I've been staying up too toooo late this week. I was so tired last night! Thank God for fridays because I needed some rest. I slept until after 10 am this morning and I don't think its ever felt so good.

This week was Spirit Week at WHS. I had a lot of fun dressing up. I wore a tie-dyed t shirt on Tie-Dye Day. I wore a Redskins shirt for Jersey day (No it wasn't a Jersey, but so what?) I wore leg warmers, hoop earrings, blue eyeshadow and bangle bracelets for Decades day. (of course, I picked the 80's) and I wore a green sweater for green and white day.

We've had a lot of students absent for the flu, swine flu, and other sicknesses this week. It's SO hard to keep up with. Plus, I picked this week to do my hardest lesson, Perspective! :(

Today is Saturday....and I have been sitting all day behind this computer. Literally over 12 hours. My back is killing me! I have a paper due this week in my human development class...and I've been working on that and on another assignment for my CIEC 534 class. I can't wait until this stupid 20 page paper and the 50 pages of articles that I have to send with it is mailed to my professor and submitted to My life will really improve.

I'm almost finished though! :) Meanwhile, my house is filthy.

Tomorrow, and dads for hopefully finishing up the paper. Wish me luck!

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