Friday, March 12, 2010


I haven't blogged in forever and a day!

I haven't given up on the blog though. I still love blogging, but with my job, working out, cooking dinner, and 9 hours of grad school... I'm a busy lady!

This summer, I'm sure the blog will be resurrected.

I have been blogging....actually I have been blogging A LOT! But its for my Digitial Photography class that I teach at the high school. Its a blast. My students all have their own blogs too.

You can check it out at I'm kind of a crazy teacher.

Well, some of you know that Jesse and I were thinking about trying to start a family this summer.....but I don't think its going to happen just yet. I think we may wait another year. We are living in an apartment right now. Our lease is up in June....and I just don't really see us moving this year...and we don't really want to have a wee bitty baby in our apartment and I don't want to be trying to move to a new house next summer with a newborn or 9 months pregnant. So, it seems that we will probably wait another year. I'm not old yet. :)

We are still considering building our own house, too. I'm kinda hoping that is what happens. Only time will tell.

Well, I better go finish up some lesson plans, etc. We have the County Art Exhibition coming up and I've been really really busy lately.

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