Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Praise Report!

God is good.. Let me tell you how I know....

We have had mom's pathology report for awhile, but it was really only yesterday that we got to look at it. Mom had an appointment for a "chemo orientation" on monday. My aunt Jo took her. They actually did a little shopping first. :)
Her pathology reports aren't totally conclusive, but I'm not sure if they ever really are. Anyway, to summarize....the reports say that she had two primary cancers. The report said that more than likely she is FIGO Stage T2b of endometrial cancer and Stage T1c of ovarian cancer. They tested a bunch of lymph nodes, all were negative for cancer. They tested her appendix, also negative for cancer. They tested her omentum, also negative for cancer. They did a washing of her abdominal area and that was also negative for cancer!! (That last one is a big one because if they would have found any it would take her from Stage 1 to Stage 3.)
During her appointment, Mom mentioned that she didn't really want to do her chemo treatments on Wednesdays. She was signed up for Wed. January 20th. After the first appointment they try to keep you on the same it would have probably always been on a Wednesday. Mom wanted to be able to go to church on Wednesday night. So, the doctor said that they could push it back to Thursday January 28th. Mom really didn't want to wait too much longer. So, her doctor looked again and said, "I can fit you in THIS Thursday?"
So, they decided to try it. However, Mom had to get 4 different prescriptions before that! Come to find out...the prescriptions are kind of hard to get. Sometimes it takes weeks or more. So, they called Mom's normal pharmacy..which is Fruth in Winfield. They pretty much refused to even try. So, they faxed over an info. sheet to the Eleanor RiteAid.
Instead of telling you the story... I'm going to copy and paste the message that I got last night on Facebook from a girl I know who is a Pharmacy Tech at the Eleanor RiteAid.
Mandy King January 11 at 8:49pm
Hey Erin...I just want to share the experience I had today! I received a fax containg several pages with your mom's info as well as prescriptons for her. I know that she doesn't usually get prescriptions filled with us, therefore I hesitated to process them. When I looked to see what the prescriptions were for, I literally cringed because not only have we tried to order one of them before and couldn't get it...insurances will never approve 2 out of the 4 of them. I called Fruth because the info sheet said that was her normal pharmacy and they didn't know anything about them or why they were faxed to us.
So, I called Jo (my aunt)...she was with your mom and told me it was not a mistake and Fruth couldn't order the one that I just knew we wouldn't be able to get either. I refrained from saying anything negative about the process and decided to give it a shot. I processed 3 of them and they came back as paid claims with very low copays so I processed the 4th, the biggie, and just as I had needed prior authorization which is something that normally can only be done by the Dr.'s office. I took a chance, just positive I wouldn't get any results! Much to my surprise...the lady on the other end not only got it approved, she got refills approved for a year with a $50 copay! This sounds like a large copay, but not for a $4,000 med! Even the lady with the insurance was shocked that it went through! So I hung up and decided to try to order it, never been able to get it in the past, and yeah you guessed it...available and we will receive it tomorrow. Everyone in the pharmacy was in awe! I know this may seem like a minor insignificant detail to most people, but beieve me, it was a miraculous work of God! I know you're faith is strong, but I hope this gives you even more confirmation about what God is getting ready to do. There is no logical explanation of why this was resolved with just a 5 minute phone call when it should have taken 2 weeks and even then without gurantee! I truly witnessed a "God thing" today!!! Much love and prayers...if I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to ask!
Pretty amazing, huh!? God is good.
Now we just gotta keep praying that...
1. She won't have any allergy to the chemo drugs
2. The chemo will be effective at killing any remaining cancer cells.
3. The chemo won't effect any normal cells, only cancerous cells.
4. No side effects.
5.God will protect her body from infections and keep all her organs working properly.

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